Team Member Checklists
Use these PDF checklists to discover:
  •  If you’re getting everything you should be from this key role
  •  How your hires compare to the Best Practices of over 1,000
          real estate teams
  •  Where your system gaps are so you can fill them
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“For the last 3 years my MOD team has generated massive internet leads, managed my Craigslist posts, created my marketing materials, managed my paper work and has allowed me to grow my business into a profitable business with great income.”
"Working with our two Virtual Assistants has been so much fun and a breath of fresh air for our team!  They are very quick to pick up on new tasks at hand which is great since our team is evolving.  They have been a great asset to our Team!"
“I get at least 250 emails a day, my Virtual assistant started off managing those. Our VA handles listing management, helps prepare proposals, maintains trend reports, success spreadsheet, transaction management, website maintenance and general marketing creation. Our ROI is easily 5-1 and that's a very conservative number.”
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